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Training Services

Data Protection E-Learning

Online data protection training tailored to your organisation’s requirements.

The bespoke course can be designed, administered, hosted and managed by our team or hosted on your organisation’s own LMS.

The course allows your organisation to track progress of participants including engagement, scoring or quizzes, as well as timing of interactions; and provides reports to your organisation.

Training description

Pembroke Privacy provides online data protection training courses including general data protection awareness training and bespoke, specific data protection training tailored to meet your organisation’s requirements.

Our e-learning programmes are packed full of features including in-vision presenters, professional voiceover artists, subject matter expert interviews, senior managers’ piece to camera, role plays, case studies, animations, interactive tasks and quizzes.

We can supply a weekly report to your team on user activity which includes logins, course completions, course in-completions and assessment scores per individual.



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