The move to Google Analytics 4 – What Do You Need to Know?

The Move to GA4 and what you need to know

Introduction Google Analytics 4 (GA4) is Google’s newest tool for market insights. The development of e-commerce worldwide has simultaneously seen the development of analytic tools, leading to thedevelopment Google’s most recent product, GA4. GA4’s predecessor, Google Analytics Universal (GAU), will sunset in July 2023 where it will bereplaced by GA4. If an organisation wishes to […]

Meta Fined 1,2 Billion Euro


In a highly anticipated decision, the Irish Data Protection Commission (“DPC”) fined Meta1.2 billion euro on 22 May 2023 in addition to giving the company 6 months to suspend itstransfer of EU personal data to the US. The decision has received global attention. While the DPC’s findings apply directly to Meta, there are important consequences […]