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DPO Support Services

Pembroke Privacy has a wealth of experience in providing DPO Support Services in both the public and private sectors and across a variety of industries including, financial-tech, global-tech and healthcare to name but a few.

We understand that the tasks and duties of the DPO can be a challenge for one individual to manage alone and many organisations do not have the internal resources in place to assist the DPO to fulfil these important statutory tasks. Pembroke Privacy can provide your DPO with the support they need when they need it to relieve heavy workloads and provide ongoing advice and assistance with specific projects.

Our Onboarding Programme ensures your Pembroke Privacy DPO Support Consultant quickly understands your data protection programme and any risks that may be present. Our DPO Support Programme Dashboard assists us to manage identified deliverables and deadlines. Our Method of Reporting will keep stakeholders up to date on progress regularly with specific reports to senior management and an annual DPO Report to Board Members.

At Pembroke Privacy we can help you to understand and comply with your DPO obligations.

We provide a wide range of data protection compliance and training services to support DPOs.

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