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The EU Artificial Intelligence Act is the world’s first comprehensive regulation of AI and organisations will need to understand the legislation and be able to implement their obligations under the AI Act in a practical and compliant manner. Organisations are increasingly incorporating AI tools and platforms in to their daily operations. The rapid proliferation of AI technologies presents both opportunities and challenges across all business sectors and while AI undoubtedly offers new and unprecedented capabilities, there are serious risks which you must be able to identify and mitigate before you implement AI technologies. Organisations who are harnessing the benefits of AI must put effective governance practices in place and implement effective mitigation measures where required.

The EU Artificial Intelligence Act is the world’s first comprehensive regulation of AI

AI Risk Assessment Services

Whether your organisation is developing or procuring and using AI, Pembroke Privacy’s AI Risk Assessment tool can assist you to identify potential risks. In many cases personal data is being processed by AI systems and where AI technology is being used it’s very likely that a DPIA will be a requirement. Our AI Risk Assessment Tool is designed to work with and complement the DPIA process. We take a risk based approach to AI where we identify any risks present, recommend appropriate and proportionate mitigation measures and make practical recommendations. As well as reducing both reputational and financial risks to your organisation, carrying out an AI risk assessment will build trust with your customers and clients. Based on the AI life cycle from design to deployment and key risk areas relating to the principles of data protection, data subject rights and bias and discrimination, our AI assessment process and our legal and practical expertise will assist you to reap the benefits of AI.

AI Policies

As part of an overall AI Governance Framework, Pembroke Privacy can assist you to develop and roll out AI Policies to ensure responsible AI development and/or use in your organisation.

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