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Training Services

Data Breach Response Training

Managing personal data security breaches.

All organisations will experience a data breach at some stage. How you manage that breach is critical. The GDPR sets out specific notification requirements with tight deadlines and serious consequences for failure to comply. The better you manage your data breach process, the better you will be able to demonstrate compliance with data protection law and to reduce risk of sanctions as well as reputational damage.

Our expert data protection trainers can help you train your team on breaches so that your organisation is well prepared before the inevitable happens.

Training Description

The training session will be tailored to the needs of your staff and will provide them with practical information on how to apply your data security breach policy to their day to day work.

Training sessions will be delivered over half a day or a full-day as required and will include scenarios and practical examples. Training sessions will take a workshop style format with a maximum limit of 20 participants.

Training materials will include bespoke PowerPoint slides which will be agreed in advance with clients and can be printed in workbook format for attendees.

IAPP Training Partner

Training is provided live online by our IAPP Certified Professionals.

The aim of data breach training is to ensure that your staff members:

  • Understand what a data security breach is
  • Recognise a personal data security breach when it occurs
  • Understand the risks posed by a data security breach to your organisation
  • Understand their role in mitigating the risk
  • Know what to do in the event of a data security breach
  • Know who to contact in the event of a breach
  • Are familiar with your organisation’s data security breach policy and procedure



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