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IAPP AI Governance Professional (AIGP) Training

The IAPP’s AIGP training is for professionals tasked with implementing AI governance and risk management within their organizations. It provides baseline knowledge and strategies needed to respond to complex risks associated with AI and its evolving landscape. This training answers the rapidly growing need for qualified and well-trained professionals to ensure AI systems are developed, integrated and deployed in line with emerging laws and policies and in a trustworthy manner.

The training is completed over two days of online training delivered by one of our team of certified AIGP trainers.

The training course leads to globally recognised IAPP certification upon successful completion of the IAPP AIGP exam.


7 – 8 October 2024


Live Online

Pembroke Privacy in partnership with the International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP)

course includes:

Quality Training Promise:

Pass the certification exam first time or attend another training with us for FREE.

What Will You Learn?

FOUNDATIONS OF ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE: Defines AI and machine learning, presents an overview of the different types of AI systems and their use cases, and positions AI models in the broader socio-cultural context.

AI IMPACTS ON PEOPLE AND RESPONSIBLE AI PRINCIPLES: Outlines the core risks and harms posed by AI systems, the characteristics of trustworthy AI systems, and the principles essential to responsible and ethical AI.

AI DEVELOPMENT LIFE CYCLE: Describes the AI development life cycle and the broad context in which AI risks are managed. 

IMPLEMENTING RESPONISBLE AI GOVERNANCE AND RISK MANAGEMENT: Explains how major AI stakeholders collaborate in a layered approach to manage AI risks while acknowledging AI systems’ potential societal benefits.

IMPLEMENTING AI PROJECTS AND SYSTEMS: Outlines mapping, planning and scoping AI projects, testing and validating AI systems during
development, and managing and monitoring AI systems after deployment.

CURRENT LAWS THAT APPLY TO AI SYSTEMS: Surveys the existing laws that govern the use of AI, outlines key GDPR intersections, and provides awareness of liability reform.

EXISTING AND EMERGING AI LAWS AND STANDARDS: Describes global AI-specific laws and the major frameworks and standards that exemplify how AI systems can be responsibly governed.

ONGOING AI ISSUES AND CONCERNS: Presents current discussions and ideas about AI governance, including awareness of legal issues, user
concerns, and AI auditing and accountability issues.

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