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Personal data security breach response services

Most organisations will experience a data security breach at some stage. How you respond to the breach and how quickly you act to resolve it is critical in order to avoid the serious consequences that may follow including fines, litigation and reputational damage.

How we deliver these services:

Your data security breach support can be either fully outsourced to Pembroke Privacy or we can assist your inhouse team as required. Depending on your requirements, we can provide data breach response support either on-site or remotely or a combination of both.

What Pembroke Privacy can do for you to ensure you are prepared for a data security breach:

  • Plan: assist you to create a data security breach response plan;
  • Train: provide training for staff be able to identify and respond to a breach;
  • Analyse Risk: analyse your exposure to the risk of a data security breach;
  • Third parties: review third party contracts and carry out audits of third party practices;
  • Documentation: review your existing policies and procedures; draft compliant policies and procedures.

What Pembroke Privacy can do for you in the event of a data security breach:

  • Identify and Assess: assistance to identify and assess whether a data security breach has occurred;
  • Notify: advice on notification obligations and liaising with the regulator and/or data subjects on your behalf;
  • Minimise Risk: assist and advise on risk minimisation and mitigation;
  • Resolve: assist you to resolve and rectify the data security breach and liaise with the regulator where issues arise;
  • Record: assist with documenting a data security breach;
  • Review: review and improve your data security breach response process.



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