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We are delighted to announce that Pembroke Privacy has joined forces with some true leaders in data protection and cybersecurity to form Strand Advisory, a new data protection consulting firm with a global reach. Our clients can still benefit from our local expertise and relationships, while also gaining access to our global colleagues. We are very excited about this global expansion of our business. Our motto, “making the complex clear” remains an integral part of who we are, and we hope to share that in a global marketplace.

Founded in Dublin, Ireland, Strand Advisory will deliver customized global consulting services on privacy, cybersecurity, data protection, forensic investigations and IT. Our offices cover multiple countries and continents with the intention of continuous global expansion. Strand has a tailored approach, merging local knowledge with a global strategic vision.

Our founders are :

Kate Colleary, Chairperson, based in Dublin, the European branch of big tech, is a lawyer and leader in the field of data protection. She lectures at the Law Society of Ireland and is a Certified Data Protection Practitioner (CIPP/E) and a Certified Information Privacy Management Professional (CIPM). She leads a team of experts who are relied on by the Irish Government and organisations across all sectors to provide clear and pragmatic data protection advice and DPO services. She previously led the Data Protection team of an international law firm and is one of only two Irish lawyers to be awarded the UK’s Women in Law award. Kate is the Irish country leader of the International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP). Kate and the team at Pembroke Privacy Ltd are founding members of Strand Advisory.

Dan Or-Hof, CEO, based in Tel Aviv, a New York and Israeli attorney, acknowledged as a cyber law leader and a thought leader on privacy laws, he is a highly experienced lawyer in the field of privacy, technology and IP and works with clients ranging from startups to multi-national corporations. Dan lectures at the cyber security program and the law faculty of the Tel Aviv University, have founded the Israeli Data Protection Professionals Forum, he is the former Tel Aviv IAPP Knowledgenet Co-Chair and a member of the Israeli Privacy Protection Council. Dan holds CIPP/US, CIPP/E and CIPM certifications. Dan and all Or Hof Law team are founding members of Strand Advisory.

Rocco Panetta, COO and Managing Director for External Relations, is a renowned lawyer in the field of data protection and new technologies based both in Rome and Brussels. He is a member of the International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP) Board of Directors and the Italian Country Leader of the IAPP. Rocco serves as an outsourced Data Protection Officer (DPO) for national and multinational corporations. He is a former regulator – a high-level officer at the Italian Data Protection Authority (Garante), and a former representative at the Article 29 Data Protection Working Party (now EDPB). Rocco enjoyed both the privilege and the honor of working side by side to Stefano Rodota and Giovanni Buttarelli, while building the EU data protection framework. Speaker, author of various books, contract professor on data protection in a number of universities, he is an Ethics Expert at the ERC Executive Agency (ERCEA). Rocco and all PTP Privacy & Technology Professionals team are founding members of Strand.

Ariel Silverstone, CTO – with locations in Silicon Valley, Los Angeles and in Eastern Europe, Ariel is an IT expert, a leader in the creation of data privacy management and information security strategy for some of the leading companies in the world. Ariel has contributed to and advised on a wide range of industry standards such as ISO 27001, PCI-DSS, COBIT v.5, NIST Smart Grid Security Guidelines and Cloud Security standards. He Is a frequent speaker, and has written for The Wall Street Journal, BusinessWeek, CIO, and CSO Magazines and ComputerWorld. He holds CISSP and CRISC security credentials, and CIPT, among numerous other certifications, and was nominated as Information Security Executive of The Year, and twice to Computerworld’s Premier 100 Leaders in IT.

Backed by a large multidisciplinary and multilingual staff, Strand provides clients with a wide spectrum of highly specialized solutions including multi-territorial compliance programs, strategic data protection guidance, data breach management, data protection by design planning and implementation, external Data Protection Officer services, audits, forensic investigation, training (in partnership with the IAPP), EU Representative services, and much more.

“The world of privacy and data security is ever-changing. A constantly changing horizon needs professionals who are able to evolve and keep up with it, and to help our clients move forward at the same pace- Strand is targeting the future.”

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