The Establishment of the Artificial Intelligence Advisory Council – What Do You Need to Know?

Artificial Intelligence Advisory Council - What Do You Need to Know


Ireland’s National Artificial Intelligence Strategy launched in 2021, setting out how Ireland can use AI to benefit its economy and society through an ethical approach to its use, adoption and development. In the 2023 Progress Report on Implementation of the National AI Strategy, the establishment of an AI Advisory Council to provide expert independent advice to the Government and to ensure Ireland can confront the AI revolution was highlighted as a priority. The Council had its inaugural meeting on January 17th 2024.  

Who is on the Council?

The AI Advisory Council is chaired by Dr. Patricia Scanlon who has been Ireland’s first AI Ambassador since 2022 and is the founder of speech recognition company SoapBox Labs.

Other members of the Council include Prof. Deirdre Ahern, Dr. Abeba Birhane, Mr. Bernard Harbor, Prof. Stephen Kinsella, Dr. Susan Leavy, Mr. Seán Mullaney, Mr. Ronan Murphy, Prof. Barry O’Sullivan, Ms. Emma Redmond, Ms. Bronagh Riordan, Ms. Sasha Rubel, Mr. Barry Scannell and Prof. Alan Smeaton.

What Does the Council Do?

The Minister of State with responsibility for Digital, Dara Calleary has described the Council as acting as “an agile sounding board for Government on harnessing these rapidly developing technologies for the common good”. Members serve on the Council in a voluntary capacity.

Meeting a minimum of three times a year, the Council has two roles:

  • Providing expert guidance and recommendations responding to specific requests from the Government on artificial intelligence 
  • Developing and delivering a workplan of advice to Government on issues in artificial intelligence policy

The Council provides its advice to Government through the Cabinet Committee on the Economy and Investment and can advise individual Ministers as requested.

What Can We Expect in The Future?

As all members of the EU unanimously voted to approve the AI Act on February 2nd, now more than ever expert insight is needed as the Act is set to change the regulation of AI massively.

Given the cross-disciplinary nature of the Council, we can expect rich insights as the Government approaches achieving its goals in line with its AI Strategy and implementation of the EU AI Act once finalised.

Dr. Scanlon details that the collective insights of the Council will be instrumental in demystifying AI technology for the Government and provide foresight of emerging trends, challenges, risks and opportunities.

The team at Pembroke Privacy will be actively monitoring the work of the AI Advisory Council and would be happy to answer any of your questions about the impact of AI in your organisation. Feel free to contact us at


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